In the last decade, South African sports betting have become more popular and are no longer associated with anything illegal or obscene. To bet on sports events at online bookmakers is very simple – available a wide range of sites and sports, various bonuses for registration and features of the game.

However, the choice of the bookmaker is not always easy. In essence, some sites are trying to fool the players and take possession of their funds or personal information. That is why we,, are continually watching for new and existing online bookmakers, making lists of positive and negative sides and finding the top sites for you.

A comprehensive study of betting companies in South Africa is one of our specialities. Site offers to get acquainted with popular bookies in SA — their features and available bonuses.

List of the Best Sports Betting Sites in South Africa


How do you know a betting site is good?

There are several criteria you can use to determine the best betting sites in South Africa is and whether it deserves your attention:

  • experience in the sports betting market;
  • free management of funds in the game account;
  • the ability to contact technical support at any time;
  • the variety of bets and bets level;
  • wide range of payment methods;
  • a license and regular checks;
  • real-time stakes are available;
  • payments are made without delay;
  • terms and conditions of the bookmaker.

One of the critical points when studying a bookie is how long it has been presented on the market of South Africa. Preferably choose sports betting sites, which successfully exists for a long time and has a strong position in the industry. Staying in the market means that the bookmaker has a good reputation and a base of players. As a result, there is feedback from players, which will help you learn the nuances of the service.

If you are interested in betting on sports events, you need to remember, it always involves your real money. It is essential to know that your money is safe and securely stored in the gaming account. It means that the player should have no problems with the deposit or withdrawal of funds, receiving bonuses and their use. Bookmakers in South Africa, both local and foreign agents, are required to comply with the law regarding the movement of funds between the player’s accounts.

The player needs to maintain contact with the technical support of the betting site. It is difficult to predict when help will be required, so the possibility to contact the support team through several channels and 24/7 is necessary. The best betting website in South Africa provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and efficiently.

Social networks in Sous Africa and bookmaker activity there is also an effective way to assess the quality of services provided. By visiting Facebook or Twitter, you can examine some extent how the company is progressing in terms of customer service. And how hard it is trying to involve them in various activities.

When choosing a betting company to bet now on premier league matches, for example, you should evaluate the betting market by comparing the odds with other betting sites in South Africa. Finding the best lines and any advantages is something worth spending extra time on. No matter how small you feel the difference in lines or odds, you should remember that over time every dollar invested in bets will affect the amount of payment.

It also leads to the issue of depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. Sports betting involves regular deposits, which means the bookmaker must provide a wide range of payment operators. The best bookmakers in South Africa offer the opportunity for instant deposits, often without any fees from the site. The same situation is also actual for withdrawals. However, the player should pay attention to the conditions of deposit and withdrawal – limits, terms, fees, and so on. The best online betting sites in South Africa provide a wide range of banking methods including cards, electronic wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers.

One of the most, if not decisive factors for many new players – are the sports betting bonuses for registration, like free bets. However, it is essential to read the terms and conditions as many offers will require you to follow specific rules before you can withdraw your winnings. More often than not, the biggest offers try to make up the disadvantage in other areas. The bookmaker can provide a good bonus at the start, but he probably won’t be able to meet the needs of the player later.

When considering bookmakers in South Africa, advocates the point that a bookmaker’s office should cover different leagues in any sport, rather than focusing only at the biggest and most popular ones. It allows the player to continue betting even if the major leagues have gone on “vacation”. So in our list of the best South Africa bookies, you’ll find betting sites that offer: horse racing, champions league, vast gambling and racing board.

To sum it up, we would like to note: sports betting’s not limited to only pleasant bonuses and promotions. Bookmaker’s office must provide a full range of services to the player to win his trust and respect.

How do you know an online sports betting site is bad?

The world of online sports betting in South Africa abounds in two-faced venues, ranging from bookmakers with weak solvency or delayed payments to direct deliberate fraud. Before you start betting, you should carefully consider the suggestions and features of the bookmaker, as you can lose more than just money for a bet.

If a bookmaker performs any of the following actions, believes that it is not safe to play:

  • payment delay (more than 30 business days);
  • no response from tech support;
  • non-admission of winning bets (partially or fully);
  • write-off of bonuses before the end of the campaign;
  • lengthy verification of documents to verify your account.

First of all, pay attention to the availability of a service license. Authoritative sites always place the licensing information in a prominent place so that players can see it. At the same time, scammers either do not specify a license or try to forge one. South Africans should quickly find the licensing region at the betting office’s site. Sports betting licenses are a must to ensure legal checks by third parties. Thus, the quality and legality of the provision of certain services are controlled.

Examine the lines and odds for significant discrepancies. Lines that are very different from the rest of the market can usually be explained by one of two things. First, the world sports betting agent makes bets on its own lines; second, a bookie gets a stunningly small amount of bets. Both of these are usually signs of a fraudulent organization.

Failure to contact support is another sign of an illegal bookmaker. If you send an email from South Africa and do not receive a response within a few weeks, or if your phone calls are continually unanswered. It means that you are dealing with fraudsters. Without a doubt, every legal bookmaker has a well-established customer service department. Your answer should never take more than one day.

The standard trick that fraudulent betting offices use to delay (or avoid) payment to their customers is to claim that they have not received the necessary verification information. Repeated requests for same documents, demands for something other than an ID card, and lengthy answers to requests are all signs of the unfair playground. As a rule, such proceedings end with the blocking of Africa player’s account with all the funds in it. Such sites may also ask players to send photocopies of their ID by physical mail instead of allowing players to upload the necessary information electronically. That is just a cheap trick and is used to delay the payment further.

Which for a Top South Africa Betting Sites 2020?

The high demand for betting in South Africa has naturally led to a clear list of requirements for bookmakers. Because of high competition between new and old bookmakers, players are free to choose which site to bet on rather than putting up with disadvantages for the sake of a few bonuses.

Site offers criteria for selecting South Africa top bookies.

Betting apps or Mobile version Betting sites in South Africa

Betting sites in South Africa without a mobile application or an adequate version for mobile browsers is not worth the attention of players in 2020. The power of modern smartphones and tablets as well as the speed of the Internet allows you to say goodbye to desktop computers and bet on sports from mobile devices.

In addition to the obvious point that the application will work without significant disruptions, it’s worth assessing the functionality. If a mobile app does not have all the features of a full version of a betting office, it is unlikely to be useful as a stand-alone platform.

The mobile browser version requires a download speed of each page or section, as well as easy navigation. The closer the design of the mobile version to the original site, the easier it will be for the player to navigate.

Betting Markets and honest odds in South Africa

In South Africa, football is the most popular sport. However, there are other sports that people also love and would like to bet on. A wide list of events gives the player complete freedom to play at any time. The low coverage of competitions or offers only for major tournaments/leagues is hugely disadvantageous for South African players.

Bets in South Africa involve betting sites holding a commission on each bet to maintain their financial position. It affects the odds and player’s potential winnings. The ideal scenario is for a bookie to have no or minimum commission combined with high odds on different lines.

Live Betting in South Africa

Over the past decade, real-time bets have evolved from a curiosity into an integral part of large betting offices. That is an opportunity to react quickly and more accurately to events in the match, increasing your chances of winning. In addition to the real-time betting itself, it’s worth clarifying whether betting sites provide an opportunity to watch the broadcast directly at the site.

The most effective option for live bets is to combine watching the broadcast with bets on one page. In cases where it’s essential to catch the moment with the most favourable odds to be distracted by switching between tabs or devices – not the best option.

Customer Service & Support at the Betting Sites in South Africa

The support service at the betting office is one of the main factors worth paying attention to. If you prefer the best services, find a website for South Africans with technical support, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get a timely answer to their question. It seems that it would be logical to choose a bookie who has no reason to contact support. Still, the situations are different and not always associated with errors in the work of the betting sites. Therefore, always stay in touch with technical support is one of the critical criteria when choosing a bookmaker’s office.

Welcome Bonus at the Betting Sites in South Africa

The tremendous welcome bonus (the most generous deposit bonus) attracts many new online bettors. When evaluating abetting sites in order to find the best of them, you should compare the size of the bonus and the effort it will take to get it. In this matter, the best sports betting sites in South Africa are slightly behind the industry veterans. That is not uncommon to find a bonus that can be quickly redeemed and immediately apply for a withdrawal, like free bets.

Welcome bonuses and free bet with significant limitations, for example, on the duration of the bonus – certainly not the best choice in 2020.

Different Bet Types at the sites of South Africa

A wide diversity of sports betting types on the South Africa sites is another requirement for bookmakers in 2020. No one is interested in bets on winners or the game score. Variety of lines – this is what attracts players in the new decade, and betting sites should support it to keep the attention of their customers.

In this case, a large number of bets should be accompanied by adequate odds. That is the bookmaker’s involvement in creating an active environment with entertainment for all types of players – an important aspect when choosing South African betting sites.

Different Payment Methods at bet sites of South Africa

Betting sites in South Africa offer a large number of payment methods to deposit funds into the game account and cash out winnings.

  1. Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard are free ways to deposit SA. The minimum payment is 10 USD, and the maximum is 30 000 USD.
  2. Debit card: Visa Debit and Maestro debit payments are free and instant deposit options. The minimum deposit using a debit card is 10 USD, the maximum is 30 000 USD.
  3. Skrill: the electronic wallet, formerly known as Moneybookers, offers free and instant deposits. The minimum deposit with Skrill is 10 USD, the maximum deposit is 38,000 USD.
  4. Skrill 1-Tap: Many local players like to bet via smartphones. Skrill One-Tap is a more straightforward payment method for mobile sports betting, although the payment limits are lower than with Skrill. The deposit range is 10-13,000 USD.
  5. Neteller: Neteller eWallet deposits are free and instant, with deposit limits ranging from USD 20,000 to USD 50,000.
  6. PaySafeCard: formerly known as Ukash, the PaySafeCard web wallet offers free and instant deposits of 10 to 1000 USD.
  7. Entropay: Entropay is a virtual prepaid card. Entropay deposits are free and instant, with limits from to ,000.
  8. AstroPay: AstroPay Card is a virtual prepaid card with instant deposits of 5 to 10,000 USD. AstroPay deposits are free.
  9. Bank Transfer: Bank transfer is a safe and secure way to pay. Bank transfers are free but have a waiting period of 2 to 10 bank days. Bank wire transfer limits are 50-100,000 USD, which makes it the choice of many high rollers.
  10. Cheque: A bank cheque is another favourite among high rollers due to its upper deposit limit. Bank cheque limits range from USD 1,500 to USD 80,000 with a waiting period of 5 to 28 bank days.

It often makes sense to choose several payment methods in order not to be left without funds in the game account at the wrong time.

Secure money withdrawal to betting sites

Typically, sports betting sites in South Africa allow withdrawals by the same methods used for replenishment. However, different limits may impose restrictions for the amount of withdrawal by different operators. The most flexible conditions for withdrawing funds from a betting office:

  1. Credit card: the minimum amount to withdraw from Visa and MasterCard is USD 10, and the maximum is USD 30,000. The transaction is free but may take 1 to 5 business days.
  2. Debit card: withdrawing funds from Visa Debit and Maestro are free of charge, but it also takes 1 to 5 business days to receive them. Limits are the same as for credit cards.
  3. Skrill: Skrill eWallet offers free withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 38,000 USD. Skrill has a withdrawal time of up to 24 hours.
  4. Neteller: Neteller offers free withdrawals with higher withdrawal limits from 20 to 50,000 USD. Withdrawals from Neteller take up to 12 hours.
  5. Entropay: Entropay is a virtual prepaid card that supports free withdrawals from 25 to 30,000 USD. Withdrawal via Entropay takes up to 24 hours.
  6. Bank Wire Transfer: Bank wire transfers have withdrawal limits of between 20 and 6000 USD, making it one of the most popular withdrawal methods. Transactions take from 2 to 10 bank days.
  7. Cheque: this is an old-fashioned way to withdraw between 1,500 and 80,000 USD. This method of payment takes from 5 to 28 bank days.

Best international betting sites 2020


TOP 3 new betting sites in South Africa

Over the past decade, the African gambling industry has seen a rapid increase in the popularity of online betting. The new sites have already established themselves on the background of international betting sites, and at the same time attract players from South Africa.

Significant names on a betting scene you can hear often include Nairabet, Bet9ja, Lions Bet, Merrybet and 1960Bet. Every year new betting companies are created which serve players and offer a growing number of sports markets. This competition between betting companies is good for bettors. It means that welcome bonuses for new clients will always be available.

Best football betting sites 2020

Internet access has led to an increase in the popularity of sports bookmakers, which has imposed on the love of the nation for sport, especially football. While for many in SA football betting is a way of making money, online betting is a hobby that continues to grow in popularity.

As a result, companies such as Bet9ja, Merrybet and Nairabet have been able to retain their customers as well as compete in football betting for reputable online bookmakers such as Betfair, Betway and William Hill.

The above-mentioned bookies fully cover all football competitions regardless of the continent where they are held. Players are free to choose the best conditions (odds, welcome bonuses, loyalty program) without fear that they will not find their favourite league on the list of scheduled events.

FAQ sports betting sites in South Africa

Are sports betting legal in South Africa?

South African law allows online betting on sporting events. It is not only about the companies that open betting offices in the country, but also the opportunity to legally play on international sites, like Betway South Africa.

Online sports betting is legalized and regulated. However, bets on casino games and poker are entirely prohibited. As long as the player bets on sports competitions, there will be no problem with the law.

What is a popular sport in South Africa to bet on?

Due to the popularity of national and international football leagues, online football betting is prevalent in South Africa. Many betting sites provide a variety of markets related to soccer betting. These days you can bet not only on the result but also on the correct score, first and last goal, the number of corners and much more. In fact, it is estimated that about 70% of all sports betting in South Africa is on football.

Who determines sports betting odds?

In sports such as football, hockey, tennis, basketball, and so on, the starting line is created directly by the bookmaker. Once the “starting line” is set, it fluctuates depending on where the players’ money goes. The bookmaker’s goal is to move the line up and down to balance money on both sides of the offer. The bookmaker has minimum exposure and earns his money offside (the amount he charges when a player makes a bet). In most cases, this works excellent for bookmakers. Still, sometimes mistakes occur, and the result is unbalanced lines that put players’ finances at risk.

For some sports, the odds are set directly by the players, for example, in racing, motorsports, Jai bark and so on. The odds in this market are set in proportion to how much money has been placed by all players.

What’s the minimum bet I can make?

Limits for bets on different lines depend entirely on the bookmakers; there is no single criterion for all online sites. For example, the Betway bookmaker allows a minimum bet of R1, the maximum bet of up to R20,000 for newly created accounts. Whereas the Betwinner bookmaker has a minimum bet of R4.05 and the maximum bet is limited only to the sport and events taking place.